Student Evaluation Case Study

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The ninth standard applicable to the contribution of the performance ratings based on the FFT evaluation approach relates to professionalism, leadership and advocacy (Illinois State Board of Education, 2012). In this case, the teacher evaluation should assess the model professional behavior reflecting the honesty, integrity, confidentiality, respect and personal responsibility. Importantly, the evaluation is required to assess the maintenance of accurate records, effective management of data and the protection of the confidentiality of information from any student and family. Besides, it would be of interest for the evaluation to assess the manner the teacher’s actions are a reflection of professional practice and outcomes, especially regarding …show more content…
Notably, the data to be utilized is devoid of identifying information and the researcher lacks access to the source codes. Thus, the research will not require a thorough review by the university’s ethical board. The board will only have to confirm that the utilized data is anonymous. It is only when the data has identifying information that can be linked to particular individuals that the board will find it necessary to conduct a full review. In such a situation, the researcher will explain the reasons it will be unavoidable to include identifiable information in answering the research question and will need to include the way the privacy and confidentiality of individuals will be protected. In the circumstances that the above concerns are addressed satisfactorily, the researcher can proceed to request for a waiver of …show more content…
The sources of data to be employed poses a set of challenges considering that a significant portion of information is likely to remain under-published or non-published, and in most cases, there would be no way of confirming the veracity of the presented data. Thus, it will be crucial for the study to offer credit whenever due by acknowledging the source of information. Whether information is provided by published or non-published communication, it is critical to provide the citation of the appropriate literature. An ethical issue that emerges in such a study involves the tendency of the researcher to be vulnerable to selective citation in expressing personal prejudice. It is acknowledged that selective citation would be bad scholarship and can mistakenly be interpreted as demonstrating the ignorance of the researcher. It is upon the researcher to ensure they do not fall into such unethical behavior patterns. Honesty would be the best policy, and the researcher will be obliged to acknowledge the potential conflicts of interest that exist either in the instance of antagonism or dislike in the same manner as it can from close personal or working

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