The Importance Of Taxing Bad Food

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Obesity affects 37% of Americans today, there are ways we should help these people by possibly educating family of the bad food and what it does to their health. As well as showing them to prepare healthy food for their families so they will be able to eat better together. All Families should be able to have access to all types of food without having to pay more for certain types of foods by which I mean bad food, taxing bad food won’t help families to eat better it is a disturbance to average everyday life. If we decided to start to tax bad food those who cannot afford it will begin to steal or find other ways to get the bad food. I know it is just a way the government wants to help, but there is more that cause the obesity rate go up not …show more content…
Other people may say it 's the only way for the family to really take their eating style serious, but how can they do that if they 're not aware of what good food really is that 's why I say we need to knowledge family if we ever really plan to do this to families. It could help by making good food cost less to families being able to afford vegetal and fresh fruit because it is expensive as of now to do so. Taxing bad food wouldn 't be the worst thing it could change people 's life I just don 't think it will affect everyone, especially those with money spending a dime wouldn’t change anything for them. Taxing bad food would only affect your average family making them pay more for something that may or may not affect them, how could you explain to a 5 year old who the candy buy a bag of chips without his throwing a tantrum. If we just knowledge family about good and bad food it be more affecting than taxing bad food doing that could possibly cause problems in the long …show more content…
Obesity is something the affect many American but with more knowledge about it affects our health and helping family learn to eat better it would help more than just pushing up the price of bad food. Taxing bad food will make the American people feel forced to eat better and let 's be honest a lot of us don 't like to be told what we cannot do. So having program for school to push a healthy food lifestyle with their school food could help because if they 're doing it at school it must be okay. Taxing bad food could also push vandalism because people wouldn 't want to pay for the food so they will just steal it or get it another way. Possibly taxing bad food would work, but it would also affect a small about of people and most of them in a bad

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