Personal Tax Planning

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Most of us dread doing our taxes, whether for our personal finances, our business, or the few dollars our child made flipping hamburgers last summer. Although filing a tax return is generally a once-a-year event, the activities that result in the final amounts reported occur all year long. That’s why the professionals at CK & Co offer year round service and planning.

Why Choose a Certified Public Accountant

CPAs devote years of study obtaining their degrees in subjects such as business management and financial planning. They must then pass a grueling four-part examination, after which they must comply with state licensing guidelines. Before they can prepare your tax returns, they have to register with the Internal Revenue Service. In order
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Education expenses required by your employer may be deductible, as well as other job-related expenses that you not have considered.

The CK & Co accountants who prepare your personal tax returns will ask you about these and many other items to ensure that nothing is overlooked when we prepare your taxes. We keep up-to-date on everything that can affect personal income taxes.


We’re about more than tax planning at CK & Co. We provide comprehensive business planning and consulting services that will help you meet your goals. Whether you’re thinking of starting a new business or have been in business for years, we can help you develop a viable business plan and obtain financing at favorable terms.

Our business services include assisting you with:

• Creating and balancing budgets
• Calculating payroll and payroll
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Other ways we are there for you include:

• Estate and trust planning
• Corporate liquidations, reorganizations, stock redemptions, and mergers
• Executive fringe benefits
• Wealth preservation
• Buying or selling a business

The CPAs at CK & Co will analyze your financial decisions and personal goals to provide you with strategies to save money and reduce your taxes. You’ll find that your savings from tax planning will exceed our fees. We’ll always be available to represent you when the IRS calls.

We encourage you to call us at any time during the year regarding financial and tax planning. We want to establish a long-term relationship with you and often don’t bill you when you call with

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