Summary: The Eaton Centre

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We have included this question to determine more accurately just how many times individuals visit the Eaton Centre on a weekly basis. For example, if individuals visit the Eaton Centre more than 3 times per week, then we know that they might have more disposable income, or it shows us that there is a higher frequency of potential customers in our vicinity. This question gives us insightful information when combined with our other questions, as it can allow us to target customers based on the information provided. By knowing our consumer’s habits, then we know exactly how to engage and attract these individuals using targeted marketing campaigns or promotions. By using this information, it affects our restaurant positively because we can take …show more content…
This research is extremely useful because it will allow us to focus our resources and financials on improving the more important variables. For example, if our consumers care more about take-away service versus ease of accessibility, then we know to allocate more of the funds to the service and effectiveness of our training programs. The information we obtain from this question will also allow us to have a greater positive impact on our operations/offerings. We can tailor our services to the level of importance placed on that variable by the customer. If we notice that respondents care deeply about the online ordering process, then we are obliged to make the process as easy and convenient as possible. This results in more effective channels of purchase, which is a benefit for …show more content…
This information is extremely useful as we can target the more populated entrances with our marketing strategies. For example, if we advertise/promote our product offerings at the entrances, then we are increasing our brand awareness and knowledge. This can lead to consumers considering Urban Pasta Bar when they are hungry and want to eat at the food court. In addition, we can advertise different promotions at each entrance. Then we can use the information from the sales of the promoted specials to identify which strategies were more profitable, and implement a uniform marketing campaign at all entrances. This indeed affects our restaurant positively because we can use this information from the question to test our marketing strategies and implement the most feasible/profitable approach.
Asking the respondents for their sex is an important demographic question to ask. After the information is collected, we can use it to compare to other questions in the survey to see if there is a correlation to their sex and their response to another question. We feel that the respondents’ sex could also be an important tool when branding the establishment. For example, if it comes back that there are more females that would be attracted to our business than we might want to look into incorporating targeted promotions to females, so that we can

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