The Importance Of Talent Management

Employee s who understand what is expected of them and receive regular feedback are more engaged and can make more informed daily decisions with their increased knowledge.
BSWH cascades company goals and allows employees to set perso nal goa ls on an annual basis.
This allows the entire organization to see where the company is going and to make sure the employee knows his/her role in helping in the achievement. This is the one thing I like the best, full transparency. The organization is aligned so that there are direct supervisors, one
over managers, two
over managers, administrators, directors, vice presidents, and presidents. There is always a chain of command but every leader is fully available to all staff. The executive
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Building camaraderie can be as simple as allowing employees to have fun together.
is a pleasure to see employees smile and make direct eye contact every day.
It is recommend ed to always maintain a great work environment because happy employees take better car e of their patients. Focusing on the talent management cycle by hiring the best person for the job, onboarding them quickly and effectively and motivating them with clear goals to help them see the value of the work that they do.
In terms of potential new hires, we use behavioral inte rviewing to help us focus on a candidate 's past actions and observable behaviors, which are strong indicators of future performance and their cultural fit.
Peer interviews give us another valuable perspective on a candidate’s potential fit with the team.
It is common practice to place a team of people in the interview so that additional personalities can be deliberated to make sure that we are choosing the best person for the role/position.
We focus on
getting our new hires quickly engaged with a well
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BSWH utilizes Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in order to benefit not just the company but the employee as well. The company may benefit in many ways including employee retention, an increase in operational perform ance, and visualizing the improved financial performance. They do attempt to respond to each employee’s physiological need first by paying a salary that is commensurate with experience. This does allow the employees to purchase the basic necessities for their everyday life.
These salaries are reconsidered on a yea rly basis to make sure that they r emain competitive in nature.
Managers are supportive of the employee’s safety needs and producing an area that is not only safe, but can offer job security an d long
term benefits. Some of these benefits may be insurance, retirement, work teams/committees, and various community events. They recognize the exceptional work that employees are performing and grant promotions based on quality of the work and the fu ture desires of the employee for professional growth. Management focuses on accommodating the esteem needs and self - actualization needs of each employee ranging from the hourly employee up to

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