The Importance Of Sustainable Development On The Environment

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Register to read the introduction… Agriculture’s effect on climate change is caused both by emissions (such as burning fossil fuels) and reduced storage of gases in soils and other media. Meat production is a particularly powerful contributor; the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO) estimates that approximately 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come from livestock production((APHA, …show more content…
This has left the less water accessible to the community. “Industrial agriculture requires extensive irrigation. Corn and soy are particularly heavy users among plants. Industrial meat production, especially beef, requires the most water—much of it to irrigate feed crops. For example, by one estimate it takes more than 100 000 L of water to produce grain and hay for each kilogram of industrially produced beef. There are substantial government subsidies for water in arid areas, encouraging inefficiency and greater water use than aquifers can sustain and, in some cases, depleting glacial aquifers that cannot be replenished (APHA, 2014).”
The Biodiversity and ecosystem productivity have been disrupted by forest being clear for crops and urban
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My mother taught me how to live at one with nature, and never take for granted what the good Lord provided. I learned how to grow a garden; which provided more than just one type of vegetable. This they call organic crops today. We raised our own chickens, which they provided fresh eggs; also killed them ourselves, and plucked all the feathers off, cleaned it, and cooked it for dinner. My mother taught us how to can food, like vegetables, fruits, meats. We cook all our meals from scratch and to live a very economical sustainable lifestyle. This class brought to life the tools that my mother taught me as a child. I believe if more people would have been taught the things I was; then maybe the world around us would not be in such a distress. What this class has given to me is the awareness that I lacked about all the natural hazards that have the possibility to happen. It has opened my eyes to the true devastation that is happening all over the world. It has introduced me to all the laws and regulations that have been developed to protect the earth. I have really enjoyed the research and new discoveries about the world and the way it works, that I did not know. With this new knowledge I can now make some changes in my own life, and share this knowledge with others. We can all grow

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