The Importance Of Survival In Kindred

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Survival becomes the most important thing to her. Butler seems to be saying the same thing regarding the slaves. What will you as a person tolerate in order to survive? Rape? Whipping? Being property? Having your children sold? How much are you willing to take, or do you choose death? These are some of the things that a reader will ponder on when reading Kindred. One key question is does a person adapt to an oppressed lifestyle, or do they rebel against the plantation owners? In the novel, and in history books, many African Americans adapted and tolerated the time because rebellion came with near death punishments, or death itself. It was a reality that adaptation was the key link to survival. The statement Butler is making is when in a …show more content…
Young writing, “Rufus is not all bad. Butler gives us a glimpse of a vulnerability and at times Rufus appears as much a victim as his slaves” (Young 32).This I totally agree with. In 1816, you inherited the slaves and property that your parents owned. You were in the same box that the slaves were. You followed the layout of society, and you were just as conditioned as the slaves. Conditioned to grow up and beat and control the slaves. One could argue that Rufus could have chosen to be different the entire rest of society. This would have been extremely difficult and dangerous to his life. The same way Dana could have tried to alter the past, which was dangerous and costly to her …show more content…
Butler shed a tremendous amount of light on the difficult circumstances and how it is not a simply do this or do that. Overall, no one was happy with the way society was. Everyone coped with the norms of the time, even though their actions were not morally correct. There is a clear connect to the past and the present. Dana says, “He was like me – a kindred spirit crazy enough to keep on trying” (Butler 57). Dana was referring to her and Kevin’s continuous returns back to the labor agency. However, I feel this statement reflects everything they do and say, not just with finding work, in all of their actions and choices made.
“A kindred spirit crazy enough to keep on trying.” This explains why she continues to save Rufus’s life and help the other slaves in ways that could endanger her life. She adapts to the situation at hand, as well as Kevin and she never stops trying to do what she feels is the reason she is there. Kevin never stops looking for her, and never gives up hope of her return. This is a reflection and connection to the fact that slaves never gave up on hope that things could change. They worked and worked and prayed and prayed that things would someday be a little bit different, or

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