The Importance Of Supervision Of Non Sensitive School Leadership

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After careful review of my personal growth plan, one of the areas that I felt need to master to become an effective leader, is the supervision of non-instructional personnel. Supervision of non-instructional personnel is as critical and valuable as instructional personnel to an educational leader. Qualified, effective, and efficient non-instructional staff play a key role in sustaining positive school climate. The National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments also reiterates that the school support staff play an important role in fostering a positive and trusting relationship with students. The non-instructional personnel model positive behavior to students and support staff on many occasions.
As an intern,
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B, has been working at this school for the past fifteen years. It was really hard for him to think of any challenges as a veteran now. But he says that during the first few years of his career he had some challenges like knowing building, coordination of duties and keeping cool all day. As a custodian, he feels contended that he could be of great help to teachers, students and community. The school principal/ assistant principal is his primary evaluator and evaluation is both formal and informal. The evaluation is both monthly and annual comprising of checklists. Additionally, the District Operations Manager inspects the facility twice annually for the safety and cleanliness of the building. Mr. B says that any inconsistencies observed during visits or evaluations will be questioned through a conference and will require explanation. The administrators will specify the areas of improvement. Custodians will also have some unformed informal evaluations. Mr. B is delighted to inform that custodians will get many accolades for their dedicated work by parents, teachers, and administrators. He believes that the evaluations are consistent and fair. Also, these evaluations help us in improving our performance to serve the school …show more content…
E, the assistant principal, has been working at this school for more than ten years. He worked as a teacher in the same school and currently he is working as an Assistant Principal. Mr. E’s duties include but not limited to looking after student discipline, staff duty monitoring, and any other assignment entrusted by the school principal. For the question about the importance of evaluation of non-instructional personnel, Mr. E responds that evaluation of non-instructional personnel is as critical as that of the instructional staff. As we have Elliott evaluation rubric for teachers, we have forms and scales prescribed by the district. Furthermore, as an administrator we follow the rubrics in evaluating our staff fairly and consistently. Mr. E also adds that each job requires a different specific set of qualities. An attendance clerk should be receptive and keep accurate records, where as a custodian should be someone who really cares about cleaning. The district personnel plan and provide the employees need based professional developments on continuous basis and in a timely manner. Mr. E is certainly positive that these professional development programs provide an opportunity for our employees to improve their skills and capacities which in turn will benefit our

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