Cowboys Owner Case Study

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Cowboys Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones is a man of many words. As Cowboys fans we all understand how much Jerry likes to talk, but we’ve learned how to translate his words and understand what he’s really talking about. After the announcement came about the Cowboys extending Dez Bryant’s contract. Jerry Jones comments to Dez Bryant on the phone while Dez is sitting in Jerry’s office after signing the contract
"Congratulations," Jones said. "Let 's just win five Super Bowls in a row, how about it?"
"Yes sir, we are," Bryant replied. "I think this is the year. We got it."
Big statement there by Mr. Jones. We all know how hard it is to win one Super Bowl in the NFL, let alone win five in a row. Jerry really wants another chance at winning a
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Improving the defense was the main issue the front office wanted to fix. They signed an elite pass rusher, drafted a top cornerback, best pass-rusher in the draft fell to them at pick #60. Sean Lee comes back, he missed all of last season. DeMarcus Lawrence looks to have a breakout season, along with Tyrone Crawford looking to have a Pro Bowl caliber year. Orlando Scandrick continuing to show why he is the best defensive back on the …show more content…
The confidence he has in Jason Garrett, and the coaching staff is at an all-time high. This year’s offense will be as potent as last year, or maybe even better than last year. Tony Romo coming off an MVP type season, who had one of the best offseason in several years without having to deal with any kind of surgery. Defense will be looking to improve in rushing the quarterback. From the front office down to the coaches, and players, as well as fans we all know they can’t just pick up from where they left off last year. In the NFL it just doesn 't work like that. Team chemistry was a big part of the success the team had last year, and it should continue to be even stronger this season. As long as the team comes out of Training Camp healthy with no major injuries, take one day one game at a time. I like the Cowboys chances of competing for a Super Bowl. On paper this team right now is better than the team last year, and I have a feeling the players will go out, and prove it because they know how close they were last year. While the Jones family, and coaches won’t come out and say it publicly. My belief is they feel the same way too. This Cowboys team last year gave fans something to be proud of last year, took us on a joyful ride that has us itching waiting for football season to begin, and ready for Training Camp to start next week. For the 1st time in a

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