The Importance Of Suicide In Hamlet

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Suicide is one issue that remains controversial to this day. In the eyes of some, suicide is one way to get out of a world that seems to torment them endlessly. They think that all the pain can be removed by "Death". To those who think rationally, suicide is an act totally unreasonable. It cuts short the most natural thing in existence. People who ended their own lives believe that there is nothing that they can rely on this world and there is no reason for them to be alive anymore. But they do not commit suicide easily. Sometimes these people do think about the good and bad consequence of taking their own life. In the famous play by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is a character that are interested with the idea of death and committing suicide …show more content…
For example, Hamlet's worried that he will go against his religion which is Christian as in Christian, all acts that can lead to taking one’s own life is strictly forbidden. It is believed that everything such as birth and death are determined God. Hamlet does consider suicide, but resists because of the Christian belief that suicide, is an unforgiven sin, would disqualify the soul from finding eternal rest in heaven with God. Hamlet is saying that nobody would choose to live in a pain and misery life except that they are reluctant and fearful of what will happen to them after they commit suicide. He questions in his mind why should a human end his problems and trouble in this temporary world to risk an eternity of peace above after life? This is how the play views the idea of suicide religiously. He does not know what will happen to him in the afterlife so he would rather struggle and play along in this misery situation and world than find out the aftermath of the afterlife. He wants a chance to save his soul in heaven. Hamlet’s famous soliloquy beginning “To be, or not to be” is speaking of suicide and it is merits and consequences. This is not entirely a moment of possible suicide. In

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