The Importance Of Successful Volunteer Management: Case Study

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The importance of successful volunteer management is seen firsthand in this case study of the nonprofit. A new nonprofit, the Saxeville Community Project, forms in the town of Saxeville, WI that attracts many to come work for the popular organization, but then as a new volunteer manager, Emily Roberts, is brought in and new changes are made to how the organization is run, the nonprofit begins to lose the high number of volunteers that it was originally attracting. This paper will examine what happened to the organization to bring about the drastic turnover in volunteers, and then discuss future changes that can be made to the organization to better both the nonprofit and the community it serves. The first reason for the decline of the volunteer …show more content…
As discussed by Allen and Mueller, “managers should engage in processed to reduce role ambiguity among volunteers and make sure that volunteer assignments are laid out clearly,” (Allen and Mueller **). In their article, they research the importance of providing a clear description of tasks during a formal training to volunteer retention. If a volunteer’s duty is not made clear to them, the organization is more likely to fail, so I do not believe that Emily had poor intentions when wanting to start the orientation program. However, she failed to give value to the opinion of the volunteer which led to a decline in the turnout for Saxeville Community Project. In the same research done by Allen and Mueller, they conclude that there is a relationship between the voice that volunteers have in an organization and the longevity of their service. The volunteers who had already been at the organization felt that they did not need the training, and the new volunteers believed that the training was too much for the service they were doing. Both complaints should have been addressed and implemented to make changes in the orientation program. For example, for …show more content…
Though, I do not agree with the decision to exclude Emily and her mother because this sends the message that their situation is all their fault and that they cannot help to change it, it was a good idea for them to come together as a board. Also, I do not believe that they should be excluded because they are important members of the organization and the board should be honest with them on how they feel about the current situation, as opposed to hiding them from it. Despite this issue, several recommendations can be implanted by the organization to improve their current situation at this meeting. As discussed earlier, I think it is important to modify the changes that Emily originally made to the organization, which include shifting the way that the training is done to shorten the process and allow those who have already worked with the organization to talk with those in charge to clarify any questions they have. Also, the twenty-one-age minimum should shift to a rule that requires youth to work under adult supervision to avoid excluding a large percentage of the original volunteers and to allow for these volunteers to experience all the benefits of volunteering. Furthermore, I believe that evaluations should be done for the volunteers they do have, so that “both parties work together to evaluate performance

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