The Importance Of Success

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Register to read the introduction… To me success is two-fold; it has to do with my personal achievements and how it has affected others around me. When I picture myself being “successful” that means I have accomplished everything that I want out of life. It doesn’t mean money, although money does help, but more importantly it means that I have a well-kept home, I have raised my children with good moral and ethical values, I have a wife that I love and I show her on a daily basis how much she means to me, and I work hard for everything that I own. I used to think being successful was all about the money, and glam, and materialistic things because that is how our society as a whole functions. It must be a maturity thing because as I get older, the more I think the simpler life is more of a “success” than being in the spot light. If I could paint a picture of what I think I would want to be as a successful man it would be having a stable, good paying job that could afford my family the lifestyle that I want them to live, while at the same time, allowing me to go to my sons tee-ball games or my daughters girl scout meetings. I also want to have the ability to spend time and money on my wife, because she would be my number one, before myself and even my children. If I could do all that before I die, I would consider myself a successful

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