Success With English Language Learners Summary

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Success with English Language Learner’s by Margo Dellicarpini was something I was interested just by reading the title. Any time I hear the word success I am motivated. When seeing the title I predicted this article would talk about how one is able to succeed with ELL students. As a first year teacher, I am looking for many any tools or skills I can gain to make every single one of my students are successful. Once all of my students are successful I can somewhat feel that sense of success myself. Overall this article was chosen because I want to have success with my ELL students. This article was a very interesting article and was really beneficial. To summarize the article it all started when a teacher was hired as a middle school teacher. The teacher worked hard that summer to create interesting lesson and other creative …show more content…
It provided me with the background necessary to understand the importance English Language Leaners. I would definitely recommend this article to fellow educators. In the school district I am in the ELL population is increasing every day. When I was hired a signed a contract that I would need to acquire a ESL endorsement due to the increasing ELL population. Many of my coworkers are interested in the success of their students, so I am sure this is something they will be interested in. Furthermore, this is a very interesting topic to not only educators in my district but for educators all around the United States. This was a very beneficial article that can be very informative to many. There are three ways I believe this could benefit other educators. First it will help them understand how to make them successful as an ELL teacher and the different type of ELL students. Second they will understand the importance of BICS and CALP. Lastly they will understand the importance of ESL endorsed teachers and the importance of increasing number of ELL

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