PSY485A Reflective Essay

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Looking back on these five weeks in PSY485 I have learned many things. To be successful in counseling I will need to be a better listener, follow complete ethics, and remember diversity while upholding my biblical beliefs. Completing the application process for my masters was one highlight. Another was I have narrowed down the fields I will pursue in my master’s program. Here are a few of the skills that will help me be a success.
Briefly summarize and critically analyze the key concepts, models, theories, and research learned in PSY485A (include your personal and biblical worldviews along with appropriate APA citations).
A few skills I have learned that I need to be better at are listening, articulating my words, word building, and grammar. I need to remember my ethics and diversity. I learned about diversity. To be successful in counseling I will have to remember to respect diversity in that I cannot dismiss someone’s religious beliefs as invalid. I will need to respect their worldview and not push my beliefs on them or act as if mine are right and theirs are wrong. I have many skills I need to work on to be a better
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I will be walking at the graduation ceremony in a few weeks, but I still have two classes to complete this summer for my bachelors. I will start the master’s in counseling program in the fall hopefully at Colorado Christian University. I will be looking intently for places to intern that are in my field of interest. This program has been the best environment for me to grow, learn, and realize my lifelong dream. I will mentor others in the mentoring program using my experiences and knowledge to help them realize their dreams as well. It will help me obtain the assets needed to counsel with confidence as well as passing my boards. CCU will give me the opportunity to be supervised in a clinical setting, building my character all while earning my degree. I look forward to earning my master’s

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