The Importance Of Success: Immigrant Children

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The Epitome of Success: Immigrant Children

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “Remember, remember always; that all of us, and you, and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists”. Each and every one of us have roots that go back to the outside of this land, that we call America today. Even though with heritage and culture being unalike we have the commonality that unites each one of us and to call ourselves proudly and honorably, Americans. Many of us have made great sacrifices to this nation for its freedom and equality for all. However, that has not been the case for many. With racism and prejudice against those who we don’t think have assimilated properly to the “American Culture”, we disregard their sense of
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The segregation of children within the schools, specifically with immigrant children contributes to the vast gap of the achievement rate. Growing up in the Saint Paul Public Schools, I’ve found it completely bothersome that when I would be put in a lower level class, that have subjects I already knew, or when the teachers would be “shocked” that a girl from Africa would speak English, so “proficiently” or even throughout high school when I would request to move on to the next level of a subject, I would get a doubtful look from my white teachers and the councilors that “maybe it’ll be too challenging”. This has affected my self-esteem greatly as a child and even to this day, I get that a doubtful look that maybe this immigrant isn’t clever enough. But, what these educators have failed to realize is that most immigrants, especially those whom came here at a young age have always been able to swiftly adapt really well with different languages, subjects and sometimes even out due native born children in the U.S. And it’s mostly due to the values, expectations, motivations that they have been instilled by their parents who have gone through a lot to get them here. The value of education has always been a great significant for children of immigrants because most of them come from parents just like mine; who have never gotten the

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