The Importance Of Success And What Makes Us Successful Individuals?

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Luck’s Role On Success
Have you ever thought about what is success or what makes us successful individuals? Each person has a different opinion about what is success and what factors make us a successful person. In Malcolm Gladwell book Outliers, he explains that every individual is personally responsible for his or her achievements. He analyzes the factors that achieve a high levels of success. One idea that Gladwell mentions is The Matthew Effect (what is Mathew Effect? Explain it please! EX: -> …. The Mathew Effect; A study where Gladwell worked on. ) He believes people “Who are most likely to be given the kinds of special opportunities” are the ones that achieve that further success (30). He continues to explain how luck influences our lives and how successful we are. I agree with Malcolm Gladwell’s definition of success. In my opinion Success is a state of emotion that can be created within individuals in a positive way. Moreover, people make themselves a successful person they are not become a successful person but at some point luck has big influence to create success (what do you mean? ) . According to Gladwell believes about The Matthew Effect, I had experience success and failure throw my life, which was my date of birth.
Gladwell believes that each individual is responsible for his or her own goals. He explains different factors that gain high quality of success. One of these factors is Luck. In the book he gave an example of why professional hockey and soccer…

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