The Importance Of Studying Ordinary Life By Explaining How And Why It Matters For Sociologists

1499 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
In sociology, researchers have always engaged with different types of methodological analysis in order to understand people. In fact, they were usually used to sociologically query society in a rather indirect way by merely using for example interviews, questionnaires or experiments and data collection. However, sociologists additionally understood that the specific and direct study of ordinary everyday life could further benefit their discoveries and, therefore, they started thinking about sociological concepts, such as society and self, with a focus on people’s daily way of being. In this essay I am going to explore the relevant advantages of studying ordinary life by explaining how and why it matters for sociologists. Moreover, I am going to investigate this subject from several empirical researches, in order to provide concise evidence of the theories which support the importance of everyday life. In other words, the core aim of this essay will be providing reasons and explanations for believing in the significance of quotidian life and in its override of any other methodological approach.

Firstly, the sociologist Les Back (2015: 820-836) highlighted the usefulness of everyday life with his research based on qualitative interviews and direct observation of the participants of his project. This kind of approach helped him concluding an important outcome: the study of daily lives allowed him to avoid generalising about sociological patterns of how society structured…

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