Personal Reflection: What I Learned In Class

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Through this summer Program, I have learned a lot of study skills to prepare myself for this fall semester. In order for me to be successful in class, I must take these five study skills I learned during the summer.
The first and the most important skill I learned is time management. I knew since middle school to keep track of time, but I never took it seriously. The reason why I didn 't take it seriously was that my days were already structured and organized. When I began five weeks ago, I got lost in all the free time because it was just strange to me. Having two hours between classes was peculiar. Now I started keeping my schedule and printed out copies weekly. The schedule helps me keep track of time and make sure what I have to do outside
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I still use the advice for the paper to divide it in half for schedule and for remembering things. In my Study Basics, I learned well to work at an hour long before going on a break. Newport said that working for more than an hour straight will damage me. I have to work in good patterns to be good in school. Another important tip I learned in that unit was to schedule my days, jot down my to-dos, and work efficiently before deadlines. In order for me to succeed, I have to ‘declare war on procrastination '. Newport recommended to keep a work process journal and to eat healthy while working. I have taken into consideration to better prepare myself for impact on hard days. In Quizzes and Exams, Demoting my assignments was the most important because it helped know what to read and what not to read. I was able to get away this summer by making a hierarchy on the reading totem. Newport reinforced what I originally thought by telling us to take smart notes. Newport also reinforced the importance of practicing problems in technical courses and to study notes for non-technical courses. In the final unit, Essays and Papers, I learned well to research and to go crazy when searching for good resources. Newport has given me a good idea to write in pieces because it will help me incredibly when it came to deadlines. Making an outline is also an important tip I now take seriously because it helped me in the last assignment. The tips that were not effective were the ones I forgot. I would recommend this book because I have learned a lot from it and appreciate the tips. These tips have assisted well for my goal this

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