The Importance Of Students Wear Uniforms In School

Students should wear uniforms to school. In many schools all over the world, wearing uniform to school is compulsory for students. However, other schools do not implement this rule as a part of the decision from teachers, parents, and students. They think that wearing uniform is not the main concern of education. Instead of that, schools should focus more on the quality of teaching and learning process. Furthermore, they believe that it wastes money for schools to spend on uniform, as the fund the schools can do other things such as buying books for students and doing charities programs. There many bad comments from students and school’s staffs about wearing uniform. According to website text teaching matters, “Most student at South Bronx …show more content…

can see how they have time efficiency when they wear uniform. They can save their

morning time and shopping time. Schools should require students to wear uniforms. If

students wear uniforms to school, they will save their time for doing other things such as

studying more, sleeping more, or doing exercise. Furthermore, students will not be

confused about choosing their clothes to wear. Wearing the uniform is also brings safety for students. Students can avoid

kidnapping. Nowadays, there are many kidnappers who want to take or hide children for

getting their purposes such as getting money from their parents, revenge, or protest again

their parents. Students wear uniforms can make other people easy to recognize schools

where student’s study at when they suspect someone arrests students. Witnesses will

inform immediate to those schools or police so that students will be rescued without any

harmfulness. For instance, a female student who studies at my previous secondary school

has been saved from kidnapping. Because she wore uniform of the school, an old woman

recognized she was fighting with two suspects to get away. She called to her
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Furthermore, it is also create the empathy among students.

To sum up, wearing uniform to school is very necessary for students all over the

world. Some benefits that wearing uniform can bring to students are give students

convenient time, protect the safety for students, and bring them an equality school

environment. Students who wear uniform can save their time and less spend time on

buying clothes before a school season. Students can escape from a lot of kidnapping

cases. Moreover, students will feel they are studying in a school environment without any

discrimination, and distance among students. However, wearing uniform does not save

time for students and give safety at all. It can be a fact that makes kidnappers pays more

attention to rich students who wear uniform. These tiny disadvantages sides cannot affect

wearing uniform becomes common to students because wearing uniform give students so

many benefits. In order to have those benefits, students should wear uniform to school.

All schools can give students any chances to wear uniform and make school’s uniform

more popular. Would students see the meaningful of their student time if schools did not

require them to wear uniform to

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