Are Field Trip A Good Way To Spend School Funds Summary

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In the article titled “ Are field trips a good way to spend school district funds?” written by Lillian Mongeau on May 12,2015 talk exactly what the title says that if school should spend more funds on a field trip then before. This article has both positions in why the school should and shouldn't spend more money on taking the student on a field trips. Here is one reason for each side 1. Student gain more knowledge 2. Students don't really care and its a waste of class time.The thing is that schools should spend more funds on taking the student on field trip because some are in the poverty class so they won't get to experience that with their family, they'll get to see what they learned in the classroom in real life if they're taken to museums and places like that, and lastly they'll always remember those trips and be able to have good memories. Students should be taken to more field trips so they can experience what they're learning in the classroom. A student of 17 in age named Tiffany said “Im a hands-on learner” she said that because when she would attend field trips be able to do activities on what they were learning in class and would actually like the subject they were teaching and get her attention even more.They'll also learn more because some haven't even entered a museum and would be there first time and …show more content…
Which is true, it does cut from class time, but the things are there still learning being hands on and out of classroom that where a lot of students learn more and actually enjoy it. The second part it's also true expensive, but that why there should be more funds since most kids are in poverty, they cant tell their parents to take them and they'll never experience it that why there should be more funds so kids that don't have the advantage of it can have a chance to actually experience attending a field

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