The Importance Of Students For After School Activities

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A majority students in school these days are involved in after school activities. Whether those activities are student government, sports, debate team, volunteering, etc. these activities require a significant part of a students ' day, so why aren 't students getting school credit for these sort of activities? Activities beyond the classroom teach students life long lessons that cannot be taught in a classroom, and a significant amount of effort and time is put into such activities, and Therefore, students should be given credit for any after school activities. According to the U.S. Census of 2014, 6 out of 10 students participated in an extra curricular activity. A majority of that we 're students who participated in sports. Other activities …show more content…
At most schools, there is an attendance and grade policy to participate in activities such as sports or theatre. For example, here at Medomak, if a student is failing a class, the student is allowed a two week probation period within which the student can still practice and play or compete. If the student has not raised the failing grade by the end of the first probation period, there is another two week period in which the student can still practice but cannot play or compete. If the student has still not raised the failing grade by the end of the second period, the student is not allowed to participate in that activity any longer and will not receive any recognition for it. This policy is meant to keep students up to date with their school work. Activities also promote social engagement. Being a social person can help a student in college when they are meeting new people, classmates, or even professors. Of course students should take challenging courses to prepare them for a college workload, but being social is also a great portion of surviving in college. Therefore, students should receive credit for activities outside of school because they can not only help keep a students grades up, and can help a student become more social to help later on in their

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