The Importance Of Students Engaging With Art Essay

1426 Words Nov 13th, 2016 6 Pages
High school art students in Texarkana Independent School District come into the art room with a variety of skillsets, strengths and weaknesses. Some students come with years of experience and a desire further their art skill and art history education, while others simply need the credit and never engage deeply with the visual arts. No matter their skill set, art teachers all want students to leave their class with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the visual arts. One way to achieve this is for students to engage with visual arts criticism. Subramaniam, Hanafi, & Putih (2016) note the importance of students engaging with art criticism; “The exercise of art criticism by analyzing works of visual art enhances one’s perception and appreciation, deepens one’s feelings for other human beings, and elevates one’s level of humanity.” But without instruction, teachers find high school students criticise art on a superficial level. Students may comment they find the work “interesting” or “good” but some never move beyond shallow understanding. Being able to visually understand art leads to critical thinking and a deeper connection and understanding of the visual arts. Without moving past superficial analysis, students are unable to engage emotionally or intellectually with visual works. The purpose of this experiment is to explore how improvements in their art criticism methods will result in student’s deeper description, analysis, interpretation and judgement…

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