The Importance Of Students As Customers

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The ongoing debate whether students are customers or not has established that majority of people believe today that students are customers. The quality of this debate, however, is still not put to rest. There are many that believe this is either good or bad. Majority of research I have conducted sways the opinion believing that students being treated like customers is not a good thing, particularly for the students. There are many benefits from treating students like customers for the schools, but in a professor’s viewpoint, especially, they believe that this is not right and should not be a thing anymore. We have all heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” In these situations, we typically think of the customer consuming a product …show more content…
There were many contributions that made this paradigm well-rounded and liked. Wilhelm von Humboldt, who some regard as the prime mover in the German system, stated, "The teacher no longer serves the purpose of the student. Instead, they both serve learning itself" (von Humboldt 1969). Later on, schools in the United States adopted that same concept. Another reason the “students as customers” concept was used was in order to get more money for their schools. State legislatures would give more money due to the head count at the school. In order to get more students, they added many resources and amenities to attract students. The amenities that are added to attract students most are luxurious dorms, various food options, and plentiful resources and technology to help excel in their …show more content…
It would almost be like “letting the inmates run the asylum,” (Obermiller, Fleenor, Peter 2015). The student’s relationship with a university is both as a customer and a product of education. Researchers have concluded that many students have thought to believe that “higher education operates as a consumer-driven marketplace,” (Obermiller et al., 2015).
Many students think that they are entitled to be a customer to their school because they paid for their education. Students need to realize that there are many things we purchase that do not qualify us as a customer. College is rather an investment than a purchase. Jose Luis Bermudez believes that students, “are investing both in their own future and in the university to which they have entrusted their education,” (Bermudez 2010).
Over the years, there has been a lot of change in the education system. One in particular is the pressure put on schools due to student expectations. Students want to achieve the best education at a certain price. With these high expectations, schools have borrowed ideas focusing on student input, more faculty, and curriculum that students prefer. Although this might help out the universities with recruiting more students and pleasing them, many educators seem to disagree with this concept. They prefer to not see their students as customers and actually as

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