The Importance Of Student Teacher Relationships In Public Schools

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Register to read the introduction… Sexual student teacher relationships staring making their appearance in the news in the early 1990s and in today’s modern times, it seems that there is a new story about them in the news almost every other day. From female teachers sexual abusing their middle school students, to high school teachers having sex with their students in exchange for an A in the course, and even elementary students being harassed by their physical education coach, it seems that there is no age that is safe from these, for lack of a better term, sexual predators that have invaded school systems all across the country. Public school has become a much more dangerous place for students in recent years, for a plethora of reasons, and now student teacher relationships are being added to that list. One particular story that caught the nations eye occurred in Utah in late 2013, a Utah teacher that taught English for one of the best school districts in the state was arrested accused of having illegal sexual relations with one of her 16 year old students. The 34 year old teacher was convicted of having sexual relations with this student 5 times from early to mid-2013. Other students, parents, and teachers that knew this woman were shocked when they heard about what happened. Saying that “she always wanted to be liked by her students” but “didn’t think that she would ever …show more content…
There are many instances where the student and teacher are actually in love and have serious feelings for each other. One particular instance was between a 16 year old male student and his English teacher. The difference between this relationship and other student teacher relationship, the teacher and student actually professed their love for each other, but they never had sex; only kissed sent messages to each other. Normally, this would be a healthy relationship, however, because the teacher holds a position of authority over the student at the school he attends, it is considered a felony. The anonymous person who submitted this story, said that the boy was her son, and that she didn’t know what to do because she couldn’t bring herself to break her sons heart. Her son also added that his intention was to marry, or date his teacher when he turns 18, which is in about 16 months. This is a definite grey area in this subject, some people believe that true love should be legal, no matter what circumstance; while many others would still consider this to be morally wrong and would condemn both the student and the teacher for the actions taking place. Student and teacher relationships have become more and more prominent in recent years and will unfortunately continue to be a

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