High School Tips Essay

“Don’t cheat, don't procrastinate, dont stress, dont do this, don't do that!” I could drag on and on about all of the long-drawn out, cliche advice that is shoved down your throat before prior to the start of your freshman year of high school. High school is a time where many various aspects in your life begin to change, whether you want them to or not. Everyone is frightened of these changes in high school which includes more responsibility and freedom; therefore, advice is continuously hammered into your brain before starting your freshman year. The tips consist mostly of the academic necessities concerning homework, classes, and teachers. However, mentors rarely touch on the subject of what lies beyond the four white walls of a classroom. …show more content…
None of us were designed to continuously alter ourselves to fit in. Shifting our personalities is an instinct humans have to cover and hide our own insecurities, rather than embracing all of the attributes we hold that make us unique. When one changes themselves to suit the needs of others, they are not only lying to their peers, but themselves as well. Being dishonest about who you are, your interests, personality, emotions, sensitivity, and passions hurts nobody except for yourself. ‘Faking it until you make it’ only results in unhappiness; acting as a fraud will only leave you more alone than ever. As relating to high school, it is a time where all various types of groups form, many friendships are gained and lost. It is not difficult to find yourself trying to live up to this perfect image of fitting in to a certain crowd of friends. True friends accept you for who you really are, and it's essential to find these people in your life rather than to worry about pleasing a certain group of people. Life is too short to worry about gaining other people’s approval. We hide who we really are because we are so scared of our own personalities and how we think other people may perceive us. Life cannot be lived to the fullest if time is wasted trying to please other people all of the time. Do what pleases you. Remember what is important to you, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. Changing your personality and all the things that matter to you to fit in not only is an utter waste of your time, but is a lie of who you really

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