The Importance Of Stricer Gun Control Laws In The United States

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Gun related incidents have become a huge problem in America and too many US citizens are losing their lives to guns. From shooting massacres to a child playing with a gun he had access to in his house. Guns take the lives of American citizens everyday. The Boston bombing was a terrible tragedy that no one will ever forget. However as terrible as the bombing was only 3 people died in the marathon. The same day 11 people were killed by guns (Terror). That ratio of the number of people that are killed by guns compared to the number of people killed by terrorism is astonishing especially since the incident created a huge wave of concern toward the problem of terrorism, meanwhile the gun control law was voted down in the senate (Terror).

We can come together to stop terrorist but when it comes to guns and whether we should do something about the violence that comes with them
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Stricter gun laws will make it harder for people to obtain guns and hopefully help America weed out the dangerous people that don’t need to get there hands on guns in the first place. Gun safety rules would also teach people the importance of gun safety and that a gun it not a toy to place with. It would teach people that a gun is a dangerous weapon and even though the gun is the thing that inflicts the actual damage it’s the person behind the gun that pulls the trigger. Stricter gun safety laws will also make it harder for teenages and children to get there hands on guns in the household. With lower accessibility to guns means there is less of a change of a gun related incident, whether accidental or purposeful. Stricter gun laws will not take away guns but they should help make sure that the number of gun related incidents that affect Americans down and keep America citizens safer from the potential harm of a

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