Strengths Quest: Case Study Analysis

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Looking into the future can be a daunting process. Trying to decide which major fits one best and what career he will enjoy may be overwhelming at first. Thankfully, over time people will have a deeper understanding for who they are and what they want to do with their life. Additionally, there are many resources out there willing to help people determine where to take their life. These resources range in variety from people to online tests. Recently, I was given the opportunity to take an online test called Strengths Quest which pinpointed my top 5 strengths. By examining these strengths, it has given me a better understanding of my major choice and where I want to take my life. To begin, Strengths Quest didn’t have an impact on my choice …show more content…
To help me, I will create both a short-term and long-term plan for the steps I will take to confirm my choices of major/career. In the short term, I will first look at all the course descriptions of courses in the computer science and management majors and see what courses are requirements. I will then read the descriptions of these courses to ensure they sound interesting to me and that I would enjoy them (even though there will always be some that don’t interest me). I would like to have this done by the beginning of November. I will then devise a schedule that fits my wants and needs for the classes that interest me. I would like to have this schedule done before the 11th, my time for scheduling classes for next semester. My last short term class would be to finish out my computer science and business classes for this semester to ensure I like them all still. In addition, I will work on my programming skills over the winter in order to become better at …show more content…
First, I will look back on both the computer science and business classes I took this year. If I enjoyed them, I will continue on my current determined path. If not, I will have to start over and look back at my options. I will have this done at the end of the school year. If all goes as I plan it to, I will continue on this path and continue taking classes in computer science and management. Following this, I will look at potential internships to broaden my experiences and expand my knowledge. I hope to do this towards the end of my sophomore year and junior year. By the time it’s my senior year, I will want to have gone through some interviews and look at potential jobs available. I hope to have found myself a job by the time I graduate from

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