The Importance Of Strengths In The Scarlet Letter

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Register to read the introduction… Hawthorne describes her talent as art. Everyone loved her work and it became the fashion to have her crafts (Hawthorne 56). This is a great gain for someone who was sentenced to a miserable life. Although her work was famous with all the people, they still looked down on her sin. She was not allowed to help embroider the bride’s veil which was supposed to be pure (Hawthorne 57). Although people like the things she can make, Hester knows they will not look at her the same because of her sin. She knew people were constantly thinking about who the father could be. Roger Chillingworth is …show more content…
After he gives his sermon, he does not walk with a healthy gait. He is again feeble and there is an odd expression on his face. Dimmesdale’s strength has left him and he knows how to fix it. He knows it is his guilt eating away at his conscience that is making him so weak. He decides to end Chillingworth’s hold on him by confession his sin publicly. As seen through the characters of Hester and Dimmesdale, the strength needed to carry on in life can come from the encouragement and example of others. Up until the end, Dimmesdale relied on Hester. All of Dimmesdale’s strength during the course of the story was given to him from Hester. If someone offers their help, do not reject it. Friends are there to support and guide each other during tough times. True friends help each other overcome their weaknesses and fully display their strong point. A true friend is always there to share their strength.

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