Process Essay: Why People Be Defensive?

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There are many reasons why a person might become defensive during a conversation. There are many different ways a person may act and do when they become defensive. Face-attacking, silencing, and gunny sacking are all effective ways to make the other person feel uncomfortable, put down, or defensive also. One way to not feel as defensive is face-enhancing conflict strategies, which is the opposite of face-attacking. Instead of criticizing the other person’s abilities and attributes try to see them in a more positive light. Praise, give sincere smiles, while you may not agree with he other person try to give them some space, and try to ask for things instead of demanding. Although it is great to no become defensive, there are many things in …show more content…
With consensus everyone is to agree or come to terms with the final decision. It may not be what everyone wants, but it is something everyone can live with and accept. Classes at schools sometimes put students in groups to work on projects. The group must work together and create a final idea to work on what to do and how to do work for their project. It may not be exactly what they want, but everyone can still agree and work together. No matter what kind of group you may be participating in, there is always someone in the role of leadership. This person can guide the group to reach a particular goal. One style of leadership is the democratic leader. The democratic leader encourages goal making and lets members do as they wish while still providing guidance. Although they work as part of the team they are clearly the leader. Though this group leader gives many pros there are some cons, the group can be disorganized and chaotic. With self-direction each member may want to head in different directions for projects and not see eye-to-eye at all. Another type of leader is the authoritative leader who creates rules and makes decisions without consulting any members of the group. This leader wants to get work done as quickly as possible which can put stress on the members of the group especially of they do not agree with the leader. Members do not enjoy themselves as much as they could while still getting work

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