The Importance Of Strategic Thinking

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Strategic thinking is crucial to your manhood and becoming a successful boss. It’s about thinking like a chess player. I touched on the importance of thinking as a chess player in previous chapters but in this chapter, I will elaborate. In this chapter I will break down various points to strategic thinking. Take these points into consideration and apply ALL of them to your life.

The mentality of a man is what makes him a man. Before you are anything in life you must be a man. A man thinks with strategy. He is always curious and yearning to learn more. The greatest men in history were learners because they knew the importance of having a sharp mind. Especially men in who were successful in the street life and in the business world applied
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It’s important to think before you act. However it’s also good to analyze the thoughts that come into your head. If you know that a certain thought is simply dumb, then don’t act on it. Act only on intelligent thoughts because the foolish ones may cause trouble in your life.

Identify all the dumb thoughts when they enter your head and then stop them. Do not allow stupidity to rule your mind. Thought control is really about having wisdom. I say wisdom because there are dumb intelligent people in the world. Strategic thinking is not entirely about intelligence. Intelligence is the amount of knowledge you have. Wisdom comes from experience, which allows you to differ between harmful and helpful thoughts.

Another aspect of strategic thinking is being a purposeful thinker. Your thoughts should have a purpose to carry out plans and actions. Meaning you should basically have an agenda for various situations that you get into in life. There are situations that will be designed against you but you must have the ability to hustle around those
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If you want to become a better man, you cannot do it limits are present. Limiting your potential can only make things in life worse. Your ability to think with strategy is not to be limited. Strategy does not operate well in the presence of limits.

Being in a state of survival and need the majority of the time can only restrict your abilities. Therefore this is why I say it’s imperative that you are in a comfortable space psychologically. There are no limits in this space and you have the power to use strategy to control your circumstances. You also have the ability to change your circumstances.

Trying to operate in a state of need limits your focus. This is true because you are only focused on what you need at the present and not the future. Remember, strategic thinking is about planning three steps ahead. What you are focused on affects your thinking and planning skills. How effective of a strategist you are depends on how focused you are.

Remove the limits from your life and in your mind by changing your circumstance. Strategy thinking is a power and in order for the power to flow, there cannot be any blocks. The power of strategic thinking is creative energy. Use this creative energy to empower yourself as a boss. Bosses know no

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