Stereotypes Against Women

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Women had always been seen as the weaker gender, but in the recent years women have changed. They became stronger and more independent. In the article “Stereotypes against women”, by Olukayode Afolabi, “Stereotypes are organized sets of beliefs about traits and behaviors, thought to distinguish one from group from another”( 5698). Stereotypes are beliefs that people are moving from generation to generation and the family decides what beliefs to move the next generation. In our world stereotypes have always been seen as something important that we need to believe and follow. However, stereotypes are not always true, because the world has changed and the stereotypes can also be changed. Women were always seen as the sex that needs to sit at home …show more content…
In the past years we could see dads that didn’t pay attention to children. The old dads that we are used to are being a bit passive when there is a talk about children. Most men say that it is women deal to care and play with children. They bring money to house and women must look after children, but many things had changed in the recent years. According to Bruna, el al., “Women have changed and therefore men as well, but not necessarily at the same pace” (11). Many men have changed their daily and family life in the last years. The roles in the family life have now moved to men hands and they are more doing the housework as they did a century ago. Today men are more interested in their children and with their home environments compared with past years. It says that “Men are emotionally closer to their children” (Von Muhlen, Bruna K., el al. 10). It is true in some way that men are closer, and can understand children better. Maybe at some point in the life of a child’s, father can be closer; they are closer to the boys than to the girls. For girl’s father is not always the best person to talk, because a girl needs more mom’s help then dad’s, but in some situations father can be the best person to play basketball or soccer. As for the boys it is easy to be the best dad; the new fathers and sons have many things in common, so the new generation of fathers has changed, and they are now more interesting with their

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