The Importance Of Stepping Into My House Essay

1315 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
Stepping into my house is very different from stepping into my room, because there are different decorations. Upon entering my house there are many religious pictures, pictures that depict the Mexican culture, and even the aroma is also very distinct from my bedroom. Looking at how some of the old furniture stands out reminds me of when McPhee stated, “I stepped up into a kitchen, and went on into another room that had several overstuffed chairs in it and a porcelain-topped table, where Fred Brown was seated, eating a pork chop” (96). Once stepping into my room a person will notice how I have various lights around the room and how I usually have relaxing music playing in the back ground. I’ve been told that once stepping into my room it makes them feel as if they were in an art gallery. I am sure that anyone can imagine how the environment would be in an art museum or a gallery. Typically the environment in a gallery or museum is quiet with soft music playing and very good lighting. The things we have reflect what we are interested in, morals, and what we value in life. Music, art, and my family all reflect what I value and what my morals are in life. Walking into my room one will see posters hanging up on the walls. The posters I own are of all different music artists both old and young and some who have died and some who are still alive and making music. Some of the posters are big and take up a lot of space and they all have very vibrant colors. Some of these posters are…

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