The Importance Of Stem Cell Research

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Embryonic stems cells are cells that can be mutated or change, possibility allowing scientist to discover cures to disease and illness. These cells are the very beginning of human creation, or an embryo, but is not a human. The more to the left someone is on the ideological spectrum, the more likely they are to support the research of stem cells. The goal of the left side of the ideological spectrum is to change to the status quo or designed it policies better. The more to the left you are on the spectrum, the more radical change in stem cell research policies you prefer. Liberals are more often supportive of stem cell research because they support the idea that it is the government 's responsibility to fund experiments and research to cure …show more content…
The right side of the spectrum does not agree with the government funding embryonic stem cell research because it is murder to perform stem cell research of an embryo because this process requires destroying the embryo. The right side of the spectrum believes it is morally wrong to create an embryo, to then destroy it for research. The use of adult stem cells, and umbilical stem cells causes no harm to any life, and conservatives allow the government to fund this type of research, Conservatives often believe in non-human institutions or faith in a higher power, such as religion. Many conservatives believe the God they believe in is the answer to disease and illness and that through prayer god will heal the ill. The right side of the spectrum would protest that we are all God 's children and deserve the right to life and that this right should not be infringed on, especially when the embryos can not speak for themselves. The embryonic stem cell research policy, under republican president George Bush, from August 9th 2001 - March 9th 2009 stated that stem cells used from an embryo must be from an embryo created for stem cell research purposes only, or must be donated by an individual for research, in order for the research to be government funded. President Bush put these laws into effect stating that he is supportive of ethical and responsible research of stem cells for scientific purposes, although believing embryonic stem cell research is murder. With a vast amount of restrictions on stem cell research in past years, the United States still remains the most advanced in stem cell research. The right side of the ideological spectrum believes our countries is best and that since we are still ahead of the game in stem cell research compared to other countries, conservatives believe we should stick

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