The Importance Of Stay At Home Mother

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Beautiful babies are born every second of everyday (Haub, 2012). With the birth of a new baby comes the new responsibility of nursing it. Many women decide to leave jobs and become a stay at home mother, while others continue to work. Both choices will be great as long as the baby is getting the proper care, but many are debating whether it is best for new mothers to be stay at home mothers or continue to work and provide for the household. In general the bond between a stay at home mother and baby tend to be much stronger than those of a working mother.
To begin with, infants need a ton of attention and care especially from their mothers. As newborns develop they need to establish a close social bond with their mothers. For stay at home mothers
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Not only is caring for the child difficult but the baby does not grow as much of a bond with these mothers. For most working mothers after being on maternity leave they enroll the baby into a child care center to care to the child while she is at work. In this case the baby won’t get much bonding time with the mother or anyone because while the baby is at a child care center they are being cared for as well as many other babies so they’re not getting the individual time needed to better aide in their development. The baby will also have to learn to get used to numerous different faces, voices, and nurturing styles. By the time a mother that works a regular nine to five job gets home from work, she is more than likely exhausted and does not even have the energy to bond with her baby or give it a great amount of interaction for a long period of time. Because of this the baby misses out on the mother and baby bond and it is harder for the baby to develop due to that lack of constant daily interaction with his/her mother (Houghton, …show more content…
It is good that in America jobs are required to provide maternity leave for new mothers. After giving birth mothers need that time to recuperate and spend time with their newborn. Maternity leave for healthy, uncomplicated births are generally six to eight weeks which is a good amount of time. Not only should the mother spend that two months of resting but she should utilize that time for bonding with her baby. So for working mothers, they get the first two months of the baby’s life for the bonding and interaction that they will fall short on later on during the baby’s development (Gilpin, 2015). Also some places but not all offer paternity leave for the new fathers as well. I believe this should be mandatory for men as well because not only do they need to bond with their baby but they will be a great source of help for the mother during this time. Childbearing for nine months and the birth process are very exhausting on mothers so once the baby arrives she will need all the help she can get. Paternity leave should be at least half of what the mother receives.
All in all, it is understandable why the debate of whether mother should become stay at home or continue working remains. Most people feel it is extremely important for a mother to grow a bond with her baby. The best way for get that bond is through constant interaction

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