Why Is Starbucks So Beloved

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Why is Starbucks so beloved? It is consumed by millions of people each day. Many people believe it’s the best place to get coffee from; well I beg to differ. I think that it is overrated for how much people talk so good about the franchise itself. I agree it has some good coffee, but it’s not worth it. It has become somewhat of a necessity for some people in the morning. I just don’t think it is that important. Also, some people just drink Starbucks just to say, “I had Starbucks this morning.” Starbucks over all as a brand is completely overpriced. Why do people pay so much money just for a cup of coffee? When Starbucks prepares the drinks, they don’t completely put all the actual coffee in the cup, especially their iced drinks is majority ice and no drink. What people need to realize is that Starbucks …show more content…
Starbucks uses millions of gallons of milk every single year. They use enough milk to fill up Olympic-sized swimming pools. None of which is or was organic. But what if the milk was organic? Imagine the impact Starbucks will have on the organic milk industry. The pressure it could put on to the marketplace by forcing other big coffee chains to switch to organic milk, just to remain being competitive in the industry. Also, imagine the role that the company could play in ending the abuse and unhealthy practices that are done in the factory farm dairies. Starbucks likes to talk about the fact that it has stopped using milk that contains growth hormones. They instead claim that they use GMO-free milk. That might possibly be true. But with the company refusing to switch to certified organic milk, Starbucks is a promoter of the GMO industry. This is all, because dairy cows are being fed a constant diet of GMO products such as: corn, soy, alfalfa, and cotton seed. So just think about drinking another coffee alternative instead of the brand known as

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