The Importance Of Stage Management

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Stage managing isn’t something I’ve ever seen myself doing. It takes a certain type of person, a person with qualities that are best complimented by the technical nature of stage managing. To oversee so much and to have so little of a guarantee that all those elements won’t go awry is a chaotic responsibility. But time and time again stage managers, new & weathered, prove themselves to be immensely capable in the face of adversity. It is a service that myself and many others take advantage of, but rarely respect the gravity of. Genuinely, before being taught the rhyme & reason of stage managing, I had no idea the amount of responsibility that was inherent in the role. And with a more thorough understanding of the duties of a stage manager, …show more content…
If you are not dependable, nobody will trust in your ability, particularly not in a group environment. Dependability breeds trust and respect, both integral parts of working with a team. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) released a list containing what employers consider the most important attributes when looking through resumes. At the very top of this list sits leadership followed by the ability to work in a team. (NACE, 2015) Leadership can be earned when many people depend on you. The role of the stage manager is to be a leader of sorts, dictating the flow of rehearsal and keeping everyone in check. For the stage manager to be able to do that effectively, he or she must be respected by the rest of the cast. I know from experience that people depend on others that they respect, and that earned respect varies directly with dependability. Going back to the list, working in a team is right below leadership, another attribute that requires dependability. When working in a team, it is most efficient when everyone trusts that everyone else can perform their role. That seemingly blind trust is a result of being dependable in the past. At this point, we are addressing the characteristics that I believe can cripple an entire company. Dependability is a must have in my book, so don’t let it being at rank 3 undermine its

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