The Importance Of Spot Fake News

hakal 1 Aman Dhakal Professor Sherry Sharifian GOVT-2305 28 November 2017 Spot Fake News Nowadays, there are a lot of news are available in social media because of having advanced technology in communication and press. It became very hard to distinguish whether the online news is real or the fake. 1 According to Cambridge English Dictionary, fake news is false stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually created to influence political views or as a joke. It is wise to use the considerable reputable and verified source and site in order to avoid the fake news and be aware of getting false news from the unauthorized online site.
If I had to help someone spot “fake news”, I would like to strongly suggest
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The acceptance of fake news causes the negative adoption of legislation which might threaten the core of democracy founding. Taking an example of social media that have exposed the fake news claiming that the Clinton campaign’s pollster Joel Benenson, wrote a secrete memo detailing plans to “salvage” Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy by launching a radiological attack to halt voting. This news later considered as a fake because of lacking an exact and reliable source. The fake news always directly or indirectly affects to the democracy through changing the concept of normal people because some people even don’t realize the reliable source and citation and have confronted of facing the fake news which can affect their concept badly towards the political person and their agenda’s on the overall developmental program. Fake news is the biggest crime in the social media and can make an unsuited condition in course of social and political development. Thus it will be better to be aware of such fake news and of not being a victim in such situation which helps to make a clear concept in the role of social and political

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