The Importance Of Sports In Team Sports

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Register to read the introduction… I asked, “Have you ever played a team sport? If so, what sport?” to determine if different sports yielded different results. This question also helped to determine how people who did not play sports felt about them. The second thing I asked was “In what age group did you play group sports” to determine whether the participant played as a child or adult. My third question was “Do you view playing on a team as positive or negative and why?” This question was to aide in my understanding of the direction of the participant’s views on team sports. The fourth question in my survey was “Did playing a team sport affect your character in a positive or negative way? How?” This question was truly the core of my research; it allowed the participant to provided unbiased opinions on my topic. The participant also had to explain exactly how team sports affected them. The next question I asked was “Do you feel you work well with your coworkers and family?” which I used to compare the participant’s team sport history to their current and professional lives. “Do you currently play a team sport?” was the last questions of my survey, which helped me understand sports stand the importance of sports. Sixteen out of twenty participants participated in team sports at least once. There was no connection between different sports and their effect. Everyone who took the survey viewed sports as having a positive effect. Everyone who took the survey and actually played a team sport said it had a positive effect on his or her character. Most participants claimed team sports built confidence, teamwork, sportsmanship, hard work and/or social skills. Although only few participants still play team sports, they do consider themselves to work well with family and …show more content…
Adults who played team sports as children show better leadership skills, have higher success rates and tend to live by morals. Due to the fact that children are easier to teach, they learn more from team sports. In a recent survey, every participant claimed that if they played a team sport it had enriched their lives somehow. Coaches act as role models and in rare cases parent for the children that do not have any. Many of our nation’s leaders and popular role models played team sports as a child.

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