The Importance Of Sports In Sports

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Do you imagine a world without sports? No children playing soccer or rugby? No athletes? No physical activity? No competitions? No Olympic Games? To begin with, sports have attracted humans for centuries. They are human physical activities in which persons compete individually or in groups. Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. The Olympic games began in the year 776 B.C, in the Ancient Greece, and they were held in Olympia as a religious festival in honor of Zeus. The first modern Olympics Games were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. Nowadays, it is a highly believed that sports are one of the most exciting cultural and social expressions of all as in all countries many people practise some sport. Moreover, in many …show more content…
This means order and instruction.Through discipline one have a positive coexistence and a better social and labour adaptation. Added to this, sports are intended to be a clean and honest game in rugby and soccer and the one who is dishonest would be upset and a bad competitor. To be a respected and admired competitor you must be courage, loyal and have faith in yourself. One has to follow the rules of the game. Besides, if you are looking for friends, joining a sport team is the best decision. Practising sports help people connect with others, it creates a sense of belonging and friendship. Moreover, sports required people to work together and collaborate with others and as a result of this, people suffer less depression and reduce stress and sleep disorders. In addition, sports reduced psychological and physical problems, according to Jonathan García-Allen from the Psychology and Mind, who said that ”looking better physically make you feel good. The continuous exercise will improve the image of yourself and improve your self-esteem. Regardless of weight, age or sex, physical exercise can increase the positive perception of the attractiveness of self, and therefore make you feel more valued”. To conclude, the best of sports is the friendship that someone builds. Besides, they help one to have more discipline and respect as rules have to be follow. Competitions between rival cultures generate an emotional and desire for teams to win. I fully agree with the fact that sports are one of the most exciting cultural and social expressions of all because as in all countries some sport is practiced competitions between cultures are made and the society participates encouraging their

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