The Importance Of Spirituality On Positive Mental Health Essay

1321 Words Jun 12th, 2016 null Page
As spirituality becomes an increasingly popular tool in the service of mental health, the efficacy of spirituality on positive mental health must be examined. The question arises, not just whether or not spirituality is effective, but also “why or why not?” As a skeptic of spiritual practice, I have been curious about the effectiveness as well as the perceived effectiveness, and how those compare. Understanding this issue will be important in discovering which aspects of spirituality can be beneficial in the realm of mental health, and which aspects are not useful, and/or possibly harmful. Before I continue, it is important that I define “spirituality” for my purposes as the definition can vary drastically depending on the person using the word. So, for my purposes, my use of “spirituality” relates to any use of mindfulness, altruism, and focus on the consciousness of oneself rather than what resides in the body or physical world. This sense of spirituality therefor does not rely on any form of mystical or religious beliefs, but can overlap with those beliefs from person to person. The first understanding I hoped to find was in regard to the physical effects on the brain from spiritual practice, as that would of course be the most tangible and therefore most valid evidence from a scientific standpoint. To concisely understand this information, I turned to an article written by Lynne Blumberg on the research of neurobiology pioneer, Dr. Andrew Newborn. Specifically, he…

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