Spiritual Ignorance

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Spiritual ignorance is the cause of slumping of scientific development
In this century of technology, science and spirituality are considered mutually irrelevant. However, the truth is that the relation between them is best described as an alliance whose preservation is very important. Due to this important alliance, the decline of spirituality has in turn led to the decline of scientific development.
Most people in the 21st century think that they are living in the century of science and discoveries but, this is not the reality. One has to realize that making discoveries and finding a new applications are completely . If one analyzes , one will find that scientists have just created more applications of the discoveries made in the
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One can still argue that only 15 years have passed and 21st century is still just a new century. But the amount of discoveries made in the fifteen years back then exceeds that, made in 21st century. Also the rate of developments in science has shown no increase.
Coincidentally, the spiritual and the religious belief has also declined and spiritual ignorance has increased down the century. The number of people that believed in God and religion has gone down significantly. Pew Research Center reported in 2009 that 51 percent of scientists believe that God or some higher power exists, while 41 percent of scientists reject both of those concepts; The number of non believers has increased with respect to the previous centuries as shown in the graph below.
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Personally , it is quite possible that science would not have ever been born if people were not spiritual .On a closer inspection, science and spirituality both have a common aim, that is, to discover the unknown and in this quest of finding the unknown, both have also made various assumptions and philosophies. Both have been looking for answers to the questions raised by human curiosity. In this way, both have worked for the same mentality and share a common mission. Spirituality has been promoting science and has helped it dwell under it. Spirituality trained the human brains to question about the unknown and at the same time taught them to be dedicated and patient towards their work. Without these teachings, science would not have ever reached new heights. Without curiosity, science would not have been in existence (questioning is the most important for a scientific mind).Discipline , dedication and patience are also very important for developing and discovering something. Discovering a new thing requires a process of repeated trial and failure. An impatient person will give in very early and fail in discovering anything. This is indeed the case with the modern generation. 21st century scientists have lost their spiritualism and the advantages that come with it. These scientists have a very short concentration span and often are easily distracted. But for

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