The Importance Of Spirituality At Terrace

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Spirituality engages the whole person and is about embracing the meaning of life, finding a purpose for and living life to its fullest. Whether religious or not, every person has a spirituality based around how we live our lives, the relationships we share with others and the rituals in which we participate. A spiritual person can be very different to a religious person, with religion being just one of many pathways available in this search for truth and knowledge. The spirituality of Terrace exemplifies this, with both religious and secular aspects of Terrace forming important parts of the school’s spirituality which every student at the college experiences. Through being a member of the Terrace family, my own spiritual growth has benefitted …show more content…
The relational gateway is demonstrated through the buddy system, the Kairos programs and through participating in sporting teams and developing a sense of mateship and comradery. Advocacy for others (activist gateway) is present through the Lenten appeal, Terrace Timor Network, Eddie’s Van and ERA for change. The creational gateway, whilst more could be done, especially for boys in year 11, through taking time away and participating in school camps at Maroon Dam and Immersion and exploration programs the spirituality of the Terrace community is enhanced. Finally, by having regular religion lessons which integrate the story of Jesus into relevant learning experiences and pausing at the end of each day as a community to say the college prayer Terrace utilises the intellectual gateway. The contemplative gateway, is the gateway which could be utilised to a greater extent. Due to the non-stop activity of the school very rarely is there time to come to a stop, reflect and meditate. Whilst there are gatherings such as Five for Friday, every Friday morning throughout Lent, and mass in the chapel every Tuesday morning these events could be used more effectively to enhance the spirituality of Terrace. The use of iconography around the school, for example the Celtic Cross placed in the centre of the school, is a constant reminder to all students and teachers of Terrace’s history with the Christian Brothers and that we are foremost a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, resulting in the enhancement of the school’s spirituality. Terrace does have a strong sense of spirituality, but changes and improvements can always be made to consolidate and enhance this

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