The Importance Of Spiritual Counseling

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I had never understood just how capable a parent could be of worrying or how understanding a stranger could be towards another stranger. When you 're hurt or afraid it becomes hard to see that everyone around you is also suffering in their own way. The greatest spiritual awakening I 've ever experienced was the moment I realized that other people are just as fragile and emotionally incapable of being alone as I am.
I grew up Catholic. My father and mother were Catholic; they raised me to know God. I was methodically reminded that I couldn 't hide anything from the Man in the Sky and that I could always find forgiveness in Christ, but I was also told of the dangers of sin and the eternal punishment of Hell in the afterlife.
At the age of twelve
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She told me how brave I was and how strong I must have been for being able to tell them about something so personal without stopping and breaking out into tears. 4
Yvette was the first person who made me feel like I was worth something. I saw her as a mother, someone who I could look up to and always feel accepted by. She constantly encouraged me to try and better my relationship with my parents. I had been doing my best to replace my parents with other mother and father figures, so I didn 't feel the need to resolve my personal conflicts with my real mom and dad. But because Yvette insisted, I was willing to make the effort. I started to speak to my parents about the way I felt towards them. At first nobody was happy with each other. It took weeks of heated arguments on religion and the bonds of family, but with time, came clarification of our surprisingly tautological positions in our debate. I came to the realization that: my parents were experiencing something completely foreign to them,yet still loved me and that they had said all of the things that I 'd taken offensively out of fear for what others might do to

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