The Importance Of Speech Therapy

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Since I was born I have always dealt with a speech impediment. I went to speech therapy from the age 5 to 13. As I got older started going less and less to speech therapy but I would still go at least twice a month. Th reason behind my speech impediment is because I can not breath out of nose, which is very key whenever you are talking. I have improved greatly over the years to the point where people tell that I have done my whole life that they can not even tell I had a speech impediment at one time. Because I can not breathe in and out of nose, I think about breathing every time I talk. Now let me tell you before I tell you what happened, I was an emotional guy. I used to show my emotions. With that said let me begin.

Since I was born with
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I have never felt so alone in my entire life. It did not matter where I was or who I was with, I would get made fun of. The kid who made fun of me the most was name Tony. Tony was a guy who everybody was friends with. They would basically whatever he did. He was the biggest kids in the class and enjoyed showing people how big he was. He also began dealing with some personal issues that I did not know about until a couple of years ago. Which could be a reason as to why he treated me the way he did. He knew how competitive I was because of basketball, so everyday at recess he made sure I was not able to have that much fun. Now many of might not think this is that big but it was just like icing on the cake for the other things he would do to me. So let me tell you how exactly he would make fun of me on a regular bases. Most people think of making fun of somebody, is making fun of them by either saying about them to their face or laughing at them when they did something. Tony did both of those things to me. He also would start rumors about me. This was the thing that effected me the most. It caused me to have to defend myself because whenever he would make fun of me, I would just ignore him. It also makes me answer questions that I did not want to answer. Through this whole process I had two really close friends that would stand up for me daily. So it was not like I was by myself the whole …show more content…
I was in the 7th grade just living my life. It was towards the end of the school year and we were at recess. It was a beautiful day outside without a cloud in the sky. We were playing a nice game of kickball. I remember things leaning up to what happened but not exactly what caused what I am about to say. There was this girl that had been a friend for awhile. Her family and my family are good friends. Let me tell you that she knew everything that has happened to me up to this point. When we were playing, I remember getting her out. After I got her out, she said something to everyone that I had told her that was personal. It was about Tony and how I truly felt. After she said what she said, I threw the ball at her as hard as I could and hit her in the back of the head and just walking away not saying anything. This is the reason why I do not trust anybody. So if you are reading this then you should feel special because you actually mean something to me. But if you tell anybody what I have said, not only will we be friends, you are going to be wishing you had never let me read this. And I am not

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