The Importance Of Space Travel

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Since the glory days of the American space program are long past, the role of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration should pivot — from space exploration to space regulation. In particular, private companies — not NASA — should undertake the exploration of space and NASA should oversee these ventures, much as another federal agency, the FAA, oversees private aviation. Private space companies would go through rigorous tests and monitoring period and at a certain point be 'cleared ' for space travel with humans. This would be very successful because competition drives down prices, and the more companies there are, the cheaper it would be to go to space. Also, this oversight would allow NASA to discover more and do more, due to the larger numbers of scientists and spacecraft. It is also possible that NASA could play a hybrid role — paving the way for new missions, then backing off to allow further development by the private firms. NASA has much more experience and likely more funding than many private ventures and would undeniably be the best candidate for a first mission. But subsequent missions could be turned over to private entities. The …show more content…
If they were to partner with NASA, space travel would become much easier due to the sharing of ideas and focus on a common goal. Creating a larger and more distant space station would open gateways for longer missions by refueling and repairing the vehicles, furthering our understanding of our own planet due to more advanced research capabilities, and keeping a closer eye on natural disasters (something we already do) and finding a way to prevent them. Finally, we would search for a permanent habitat outside of our earth, through the collaboration of space entities overseen by NASA. This is of the utmost importance, because unless we take drastic measures soon, we may one day lose our

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