Why I Want To Be A KVHS Athlete

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Kankakee Valley High School athletics has given me so many opportunities I never even thought I would be able to experience. I had the privilege of being a member of the KV Varsity Softball team all four years of my high school career. I have been playing softball since I was eight years old and since then I have played all over the country from California to Virginia. Though none of that can compare to playing in ‘The Region’ and for the purpose of representing my community. Without KV Softball I would not be the person I am today. This sport has helped me grow and see the effect a local sport can have on a community. As I had stated before, I was apart of the KV Varsity Softball team the last four years (2015-2018). Therefore I had the honor of being apart of the 2016 and 2017 State Finalist teams. Being able to have that experience is something that I …show more content…
I believe that comes from being such a small town. KV is not like a Chesterton or a Lake Central where you have to declare one specific sport and even if a team is successful no one really knows. Not many people can name off athletes from the big schools and recognize them when they see them around town. KV is nothing like that. In the smaller towns of DeMotte and Wheatfield, you can recognize a member of a sports team. People know who the stand out athletes are. I believe that this gives the athletes a real reason to be positive role models because the adult sports fans know them and the young sports fans look up to them, wanting to be them. KV athletes are encouraged by teachers and coaches to be good people before good athletes, but I believe that it is our small community that really shapes the athletes into positive members of society. We are recognizable in town so we are formed into strong, positive role models because we want to represent our community and school positively. These traits are what will lead us to successful

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