The Importance Of Social Welfare In Canada

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Canada’s identity is formed and shaped by the way they treat other nations and especially their own citizens. Their reputation is a positive one of treating all peoples equally all throughout time. Many nations believe that their citizens should be able to avoid poverty by hard work; however Canada realizes that this is not a possibility for everyone and believes that everyone should have a minimum standard of living. To make this possible, Canada has a system to ensure that every person is treated fairly and with respect.
Social welfare is an important part of Canada’s history because it shows how people worked together to make better living conditions for everyone. Since Canada is formed by relationships between people and has been that
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Sadly, many children are being abused or neglected in Canadian society. Programs are being put into place by the government to provide safe environments for these children. Immigrants, single women, First Nations people and the disabled are also among those who struggle with being able to provide for themselves, and often have a standard of living that is below minimum. See Appendix i
Finally in 1966 the Canada Assistance Plan was created so that everyone could have the same standard of living and that “these are entitlements of citizenship, not charity.” Canada also used this plan to give money and assistance to those who needed it most, rather than to those who felt that they were worthy of it. The CAP made it so that all welfare programs and social assistance in Canada were the same, and all Canadian citizens would be treated equally with the same standard of
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Many citizens prefer the idea of communities helping each other through family, churches and charities. This promotes more personal relationships among Canadians without government involvement. Many of those who need help prefer that the government support needy people from the time they are born to the time they die. A government is judged by the way they care for their citizens and what they do to end or prevent poverty, so Canada tried to down play charities and promote government given assistance. They phased it out of their welfare system. Another dispute that Canadians have had to deal with is who receives welfare and what kind of assistance they need. Those who actually need welfare should be prioritized just as much as people who are

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