Reflection On My Rotation As A Student Nurse

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During my clinical rotation as a student nurse on medical floor, 5 North, I experienced a wonderful learning situation that would definitely help me throughout my nursing career. I was assigned a female patient, AB, 45 years old, whose medical diagnosis was L1 burst fracture. I read her whole chart a day prior to receiving her in my care. I did my research on her diagnosis and her medications. Her admitting diagnosis was Motor Vehicle Collision (MVC) trauma. Therefore, I read couple of articles on patients with MVC trauma and found out their risks related to the injury. I found out from her chart that she met a car accident in December 2015 on Christmas day when she was driving to her mom’s place with her family. She is married and has three …show more content…
All I was thinking was about the importance of social support and my responsibility as a nurse to be part of it. I am pretty sure this kind of situation would be very common in nursing career. As a nurse, I will keep in mind that not every patient will have this kind of social support available. Therefore, as a health care provider, I will do my best to find different ways to provide this support such as encourage families, friends and other team members. Instead of getting annoyed because of patient’s attention seeking and demanding behaviour, I would like to find out the reasons behind it. I cannot wait to share this experience with my peers and instructor because going through this experience I learnt the importance of different type of social support and how it can work like a miracle and can make a huge difference in someone’s life. As nurses, if we can get few minutes to listen to our patients and encourage them with few words, we can make a huge difference to their lives. This can work like a spiritual healing. This incident not only strengthened my learning of importance of social support, but also helped me to promote my knowledge on using different communication skills such as open ended questions, listening, therapeutic communication etc. It is very important for us to strengthen our professional identity because it impacts on our determination, passion, and taking new roles as changes occur through nursing

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