The Importance Of Social Poverty In Society

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Every society, and more specifically each city, has its own distinct social ladder. The ladder is comprised of at least three classes: high income, middle income, and low income. In the class session, each of these classes was associated with possible advantages as well as struggles and challenges. While these may be typical advantages or struggles, they may not necessarily apply to all persons within those classes. For example, people who have accumulated a lot of wealth but are not willing to give up some of their wealth to help others. A ladder could accurately depict the wealth status when viewing a society from its surface; but if greediness and other selfish aspects of people were accounted for a negative exponential curve more accurately …show more content…
However, when it comes to public housing, living environments are usually impoverished. Characteristics of living environments include: a whole family living in one bedroom, shared bathrooms with other families, filthy street environments, increased probabilities of crimes, etc. It had not occurred to me previously that such environments could have a toll on one’s health. Such living environments creates stress and produces an allopathic load for families living in these neighborhoods. Watching the video, “Unnatural Causes…is inequality making us sick?” opened my eyes to other struggles that low-income families may be fighting which I had not thought about before. The video prompted me to think about a recent article I had read about a bay area man who walks two hours to work and two hours home from work, a commute totaling 4 hours a day, because his car had broken down and cannot afford public transportation or another form of commute. Instead of blaming his society for his living conditions, this man was rethinking the normal – if I can’t afford transportation costs, I will use my body to make up for it. This man was paid for his hard work after meeting a policeman who had questioned him about why he was walking alone this late at night. After learning about this man’s situation, this policeman decided to write a proposal to the city police department to buy this man a bicycle. The proposal was approved and the policeman had surprised the man one evening outside his work place with the bicycle. While not everyone may feel compassion for others, when one does; it does good to the

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