The Importance Of Social Media

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Register to read the introduction… The first being that the use of social media actually helps to improve grade point average. Meaning that using social media enables the students to interact with other students and share discussions, class notes, and information from assignments. The second possible outcome being that social media does not have any form of impact on grade point average in general. In other words, there is no relationship between academic performance and social media. The third outcome is that the higher the use of social media the lower the academic performance. If the first outcome is correct and social media does help to supplement academic performance then an increase of social media and new technologies should be encouraged by those in the education realm. If no relationship is identified between social media and academic performance, then many undergraduates may increase their social media usage. Which in turn could possibly impact other aspects of their life further, and this may as a result alter their academic performance for better or worse. The third outcome that too much social media usage negatively impacts ones grade point average would demonstrate that students must be wary of how much they use social media as too much usage would be detrimental to their academic …show more content…
The study does not use a large enough population size or identify whether time spent with social media differs according to culture, socioeconomic status, or course load. The study was also conducted at only one university. Had the study been conducted at other large colleges around the United States, was able to test students by major, age, and race then the study would be more beneficial and further shed light on impact that social media can have on academic performance.
In the future, researchers should be aware of the sample size and the honesty of survey takers. A participant can very well claim that they are involved with social media on a consistent basis and have a 4.0 g.p.a. Yet, in reality the student may use allot of social media and have 2.3 g.p.a. The honesty of participants is crucial in the final assessment of such study and is something that future researches must be aware
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